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Small Parcel Forwarding Service:

Get a discreet, flexible, Parcel Mailing Address and Forwarding Service.

Instant Mailing Address & Easy-In/Easy-Out service.


Select how long you would like the forwarding facility for:


Small Parcel Forwarding Service:

Get a discreet, flexible, Parcel Mailing Address and Forwarding Service.

Instant Mailing Address & Easy-In/Easy-Out service.

Our Parcel Forwarding Service  gives you a discrete mailing address for small parcels and is an ideal way of gaining a confidential address without expensive overheads. Our Parcel Forwarding Service allows you to receive small parcels at our our real UK street address and to have them forwarded anywhere in the UK or internationally. We forward parcel world-wide daily.

A great benefit of using our Parcel Forwarding Service is that it will help to keep your residential or business address private and will give you a real UK address to have parcels sent to, or returned to.

This service can also be very useful if you are traveling or working away from home or are overseas, or want a professional business address for your business mail or parcels; or as a parcel return address. Our Small Parcel Forwarding Service allows us to receive your small parcels and have them forwarded worldwide to an address of your choosing – anywhere in the UK or Worldwide

We can also take in signed-for parcels, so if you are expecting anything important that needs a signature for delivery; or any parcel that you are not going to be able to be around in person to accept we are here for you. Knowing we can keep your parcel is here,  safe and secure for you, will be a great weight off your mind.

Your security is at the forefront of our service.

Parcel Forwarding Fees:

Mail & Parcel Forwarding Fees with all of our services are:

  • Forwarded mail or parcels sent by Post are charged at the Royal Mail rate x 2 ( + any envelopes or wrapping materials used).
  • If we arrange a courier to deliver your mail or parcels, we charge £12.50 ( + any envelopes or wrapping materials used) on top of the courier fee.
  • If postage or courier costs are pre-paid by the client we charge a handling fee of £4.50 per item ( + any envelopes or wrapping materials used).
  • If parcels are collected from our office in person, a handling fee of £1.50 per item collected is charged.
  • With the Low User Service there is a mail handling fee of £2.50 per item forwarded; This fee in not charged with the Full Service
  • For any mail that is forwarded-on by Royal Mail, the minimum postage charge we make is 2 x the current price for a Large Letter, up to 100g.
  • If we Scan & Email your mail, we charge 15p per side of paper with content scanned.
  • No items of Business Mail or Personal Mail or Parcels are forwarded free of charge (except mail from HMRC & Companies House sent to a company or company director that has a Registered Office or Directors Service Address facility; this mail is scanned & emailed free of charge. If this mail is posted then the fees above are charged)
    All our prices are plus vat.  We do not give credit for forwarding mail, the forwarding costs need to be paid in advance of the item being sent.

When forwarding your mail we will be happy to use mail scan & email; standard mail services; signed-for and Special Delivery and courier services – just request the service you need.


Parcel Forwarding Address

Small Parcels can be addressed to your name, or your business name; and the address you would us is: Your Mname/Business Name, Fairfield House, Wellington Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Wv14 6aq


Other Common Uses:

Returns Address: – We can act as your Returns Address & can return items to you or dispose of them for you.*

Parcel Splitting: – we can receive parcels and split the contents for forwarding on to multiple addresses.*

*Small additional charges may be made for these services, depending on the work involved at here.


Signed for parcels are accepted by the mail handling team who will sign for it in their own name.


Forwarding when convenient: We will arrange for your parcels to be forwarded to you when you notify us that this is convenient.  (Mail storage charges may apply if we store mail or parcels for more than 24 hours).


Large Parcels and large letters

We request 24 hours’ notice if you are expecting a large letter or parcel exceeding 1000mm in any direction. Please email with details of your delivery as soon as these are known to you.

When a large letter or parcel arrives we will notify you by e-mail and will normally require forwarding of this item within 24 hours.

For large parcels 75cm to 1.5m in any dimension, and/or under 1.5 cubic metres in size our Mail Storage charges (as listed in the Mail Storage Service) apply after 24 hours.

For larger parcels we charge £10 per day, per item, from the day the item arrives.

We cannot normally accept anything that exceeds 2m in any dimension and/or anything over 25kg in weight.

If we are not made aware of your delivery then we remain at liberty to refuse your parcel.



This service is priced per name on the mailbox.  Additional services will be needed for extra names.

Additional information

Mail Forwarding Options

Small Parcel Forwarding Address for 1 Month £25, Small Parcel Forwarding Address for 12 Months £90, Small Parcel Forwarding Address for 3 Months £42.50, Small Parcel Forwarding Address for 6 Months £65